Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Guidelines for Financial Assistance of Aadhar

1. In order to reduce the financial burden of implementing Aadhaar, the Authority has been provided funds by the Central Government to assist the Registrars. To operationalise this arrangement, the States will have to provide the Authority, with details of the Registrar (name and account) through which they would like to receive the assistance.
2. Assistance will also be provided to develop ICT infrastructure; specifically for integrating existing software applications of partner agencies, procurement of hardware and software, engaging consultants / resource persons to advise partner agencies , engaging software agencies, developing cloud applications at the national level for the large scale social sector schemes and providing integration support. Details of the program are available on our website.
3. Identify Enrolment Agencies – Registrars can consider using only agencies from the list empanelled by the UIDAI or they may identify through other sources. If Non-Empanelled Agencies are used, UIDAI strongly advises that these agencies be subject to same terms and conditions of work which apply to the empanelled agencies.
4. Subcontracting has serious impact on the quality and security of data. Agreement with enrolment agencies should have conditions to discourage sub-contracting. Model RFP/Q templates and the list of empanelled agencies have been published on the UIDAI portal.
5. Detailed station deployment plan needs to be uploaded by Enrolment Agency and approved by the Registrar using an online mechanism

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