Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Aadhaar Generation

This is an automated process run by the CIDR and is described below for reference:
1. Once CIDR receives the enrolment data, it carries out the necessary quality and validation checks & readies for de-duplication.
2. CIDR will run the de-duplication algorithm to match the details of a resident enrolment request with existing entries in the database. Biometric data in the enrolment record i.e., finger and iris prints will be used for the same to ensure uniqueness.
3. If no match is found, Aadhaar no. is issued and letter generated for the same. If duplicate is found, a rejection Letter is generated to inform the resident that a duplicate record exists. If process/data errors are identified, rejection letter is generated and the resident is asked to re-enrol.
4. Details of the final status on each of the Enrolment Nos. will be shared electronically with respective Registrars and Enrolment Agencies periodically.
Last Mile Logistics
This process refers to the Communication of the Aadhaar Number to the Resident by means of a letter:
1. All successful enrolments are communicated through a Letter to each resident, delivered utilizing the Speed Post Service of India Post. UIDAI may also launch a web based Aadhaar letter facility subject to technical and security considerations.
2. Rejections to the enrolment process are also communicated through a Rejection Letter.
Version 2.0 – April 2012 Page 18
3. Undelivered letters are returned to the UIDAI. The resident may request for a letter at a later date by making a request to the Contact Centre.
4. Residents can also check their Aadhaar status directly at website using their Enrolment Numbers.

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