Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Data Updation Process

The UIDAI has defined broad guidelines at this stage for the updation of demographic and biometric data collected during enrolment, which are as follows:
1. Demographic data updations will be required if there was an error in enrolment or when a resident changes his address / name etc. Biometric data updation will be required for children, and other residents in case of accidents / other loss.
2. The data updation process for demographic data will be a simple process involving document verification standards defined for the enrolment process. Biometric data will also be updated using the same devices and process used for enrolment.
3. Registrars need to maintain atleast a skeletal enrolment network in their respective locations, after the ‘enrolment sweeps’ are completed to facilitate ongoing updation of their databases. Long term/Permanent enrolment stations need to be established by the Registrar at Taluk/Block/Municipality level, so that the residents can continue to enroll even if they have missed the first opportunity. These could be touch points for the residents in case they want to get their data updated.
Details of charges along with further guidelines on the process will be defined by the UIDAI, when this process commences.
Monitoring & Audits
A strong monitoring and audit process is critical to drive rigor in the execution of the processes defined above. Keeping in mind the need to have consistent and standardized implementation, the monitoring & audit process will serve as a control mechanism for the UIDAI and Registrars to deliver on the same.
A twofold process is envisaged at this stage:
Version 2.0 – April 2012 Page 20
1. MIS Analytics & Exception Reports: the UIDAI will generate a set of standard reports for daily / weekly / monthly monitoring of process performance. Additionally, a set of exception reports will be generated for fraud detection, to flag performance issues etc. Registrars can review the list of standard reports on offer and add/modify to the list.
2. Audits: in addition to MIS based monitoring, the UIDAI will conduct sample audits in the entire gamut of enrolment, training, logistics, grievance resolution and updation processes for controllership purposes. It is recommended that Registrars setup a similar process to audit the performance of Enrolment Agencies and other partners they engage with.
As a part of strategy review, it has been decided that demographic and other errors like biometric mix up, process violations would invite Penalties which would be deducted from the amount payable to the Registrar every month. UIDAI will share details with the Registrars who will be required to make detailed enquiries and take follow up action since they have contractual agreements with the enrolment agencies for error free data.

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