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Enrolment Process Of Aadhar Card

Setup & Preparation
In order to start enrolments, the Registrar has to complete the following activities, many of which can run in parallel and would have commenced post the Project Initiation Workshop:
1. Enrolment Planning – As a part of the Enrolment Planning workshop, the Registrar is advised to finalize the targeted enrolment nos., locations to be covered and timelines for the same. This data can in turn be used to plan the no. of Enrolment Stations needed, locations for the same, devices needed, operators to be staffed etc. It is strongly recommended that the Registrar enroll all residents of the locality and not limit it to their beneficiaries/ customers. ‘Sweeping’ all residents will give Registrars the benefits of economies of scale and optimizing on the cost of enrolment per resident. However, the Registrars can identify districts, in a phased manner, for the launch of Aadhaar enabled services and focus on enrolment sweep in these districts rather than spreading the entire effort thinly across the State/UT.
2. Define KYR+ fields if any are to be collected and initiate technology integration with respect to data capture API and logistics. Also finalize if pre-enrolment data from existing databases are to be used during enrolment. The Aadhaar Application Software for enrolment should be ready for deployment. See Annexure for details of the Enrolment Software.
3. Identify Enrolment Agencies – Registrars can consider using only agencies from the list empanelled by the UIDAI or they may identify through other sources. If Non-Empanelled Agencies are used, UIDAI strongly advises that these agencies be subject to same terms and conditions of work which apply to the empanelled agencies.
4. Subcontracting has serious impact on the quality and security of data. Agreement with enrolment agencies should have conditions to discourage sub-contracting. Model RFP/Q templates and the list of empanelled agencies have been published on the UIDAI portal.
5. Detailed station deployment plan needs to be uploaded by Enrolment Agency and approved by the Registrar using an online mechanism
Version 2.0 – April 2012 Page 14
developed by UIDAI. Online appointment scheduling should be encouraged for better crowd management at the centers.
6. Procure infrastructure and equipment including biometric devices as per standards defined by the UIDAI for setting up an enrolment centre through the designated enrolment agencies.
7. It is recommended that the Registrar must insist on Enrolment agencies using only Operators/Supervisors who have been trained, certified and their Aadhaar numbers have been generated. Operators/Supervisors may be trained using the modules / agencies that the UIDAI has empanelled for Enrolment Operator training; alternatively, the Registrar can ask operators to cover the modules in ‘self-study’ mode and appear for the test directly. All Enrolment Operators need to be tested and certified, keeping in mind the significant impact they have in collecting good quality and accurate data from residents. See Annexure for details of the Training modules.
8. Registrars must Review Pin Codes in Aadhaar Client Master Data and get Pin Code information corrected and completed prior to starting enrolments in their area.
9. Print and distribute Aadhaar Enrolment/Correction Forms. Registrars can have a separate form for capturing KYR+ data.
10. Define an integrated Information, Education & Communication Plan & Material leveraging the content developed by the UIDAI. The UIDAI’s IEC guidelines list in detail the different kinds of stakeholders to engage (PRI members, introducers, influencers etc.) and the recommended messages and media to use for each of them. The IEC plan lists the activities to be triggered 45/30/15/ 7 days before commencing enrolments. See Annexure for details.
11. Registrar should also identify an Officer to whom all relevant grievances may be forwarded; and two senior officers for managing escalations of the same. The Joint Working Subgroup should also develop probable queries / grievances that can come from the beneficiaries & correct responses for them; finalize the process & turnaround time for responding to the queries/grievances.
12. Before enrolments start, Registrars will need to identify Introducers who can help enroll beneficiaries who lack PoA/PoI documents. They can also leverage CSOs to better reach marginalized residents, act as Introducers,
Version 2.0 – April 2012 Page 15
and build awareness among them to mobilize enrolments from this group.
13. Identify Verifiers and ensure their presence at the enrolment centre during the operational hours of the centre for verifying resident’s documents.
14. Finally if Financial Inclusion solution will be a part of the enrolment process, then work with the UIDAI to identify Banks to partner with; define processes as required to implement the Financial Inclusion solution.
15. Review the Enrolment Centre Setup checklist and verify if all required activities are completed.

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