Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Becoming Aadhaar Ready

The Registrar On-boarding Process
1. Identify Nodal Department for Aadhaar; set up Apex/empowered committee headed by CM and implementation committee (UIDIC) headed by Chief Secretary; sign MoU. Any Non-State Registrar (NSR) desirous of undertaking enrolments in a particular State/UT will also be co-opted in UIDIC by the UIDAI Regional Office.
2. Identify Departments which will act as Registrars along with a nodal Officer. Other Departments which are not included as Registrars in the project at the time of enrolment, will have the option of ‘Aadhaar enabling’ their systems at a later date
3. Identify Agency for Receiving financial assistance for enrolment: The Authority will financially support its Registrars for successful Aadhaar number generation. To operationalise this arrangement, the States will have to provide the Authority, details of the Registrar (name and account details) through which they would like to receive the amount.
4. Setup Joint Working Group – headed by the Head of the Nodal Dept/Registrar. The other members should be the Nodal Officers, & members who can lead the Technology, Process, IEC, applications teams from the Registrar’s side. UIDAI will nominate appropriate representatives to assist the State Government/Registrars in carrying through the entire process. Bank representatives may be included where the Financial Inclusion (FI) solution is a part of enrolment.
5. A Project Initiation Workshop will mark the commencement of the project and include an overview of Aadhaar for the benefit of new entrants into the team, outline the Enrolment and IEC Implementation approach and plan (how and what needs to be done), roles & responsibilities of the Joint Working Group and the high level timelines and project plan. This must be attended by members from the Implementation Committee and the Joint Working Group. See Annexure for details of Roles & Responsibilities.
Version 2.0 – April 2012 Page 10
6. A sensitization training cum workshop can be setup in parallel for members of the Registrar’s organization who need to be aware of the project/plans etc. It is recommended that similar sensitization sessions be organized by the Registrar Department for key functionaries of the district / village level governing bodies and other influencers who can contribute to the success of this project.
7. This will be followed by a Workshop to define the Enrolment Strategy and detail the process and technical integration required to start enrolments. This will include the Enrolment Plan, no. of districts and residents to be covered per month and therefore the infrastructure and other requirements to meet the same. This is expected to be attended by the Joint Working Group with optional participation from the Implementation Committee.
8. This will be followed by a set of sub-group workshops and meetings with members of the process, technology, IEC and applications teams respectively to identify the key areas of integration and implement the same.
9. The Registrars are expected to give special attention to Social Inclusion. Define the role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the enrolment process and develop a panel of CSOs at the local level who can help enrol marginalized communities.
10. A Go Live readiness Workshop will be scheduled 2-3 weeks before scheduled ‘go-live’ date to take stock of the implementation status on items required to start enrolments.

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