Saturday, March 23, 2013

Channels for Seeding & KYR Plus

Seeding initiatives could be of many types referred to here as ‘channels’ which provide the
source of seeding such as KYR+, SMS or Online based resident/ assisted self-seeding,
manual seeding at point of service, algorithmic seeding etc. Below is a brief overview of the
most prevalent channels:

KYR Plus
Many States have collected various other IDs (such as passport number, PAN number,
Voter ID, Ration Card number etc.) along with the Aadhaar enrollment data. This data is
collectively known as KYR+. Hence at enrolment, few other IDs are already mapped to EIDs.
With the EID-UID map and KYR data available in the State resident database, seeding of the
service delivery database using the EID to beneficiary ID available in KYR+ can be used.
It is important to note in this context that
 not all States collect any KYR+ IDs,
 different States collect different IDs as part of KYR+,
 where collected, it is optional and most residents have not provided the data
 And finally very often the quality of KYR+ data collected is found to be unreliable